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Date Fri, 29 Oct 1999 03:40:35 -0700
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hahah hey man, all the things i wrote earlier were sort of popular misconceptions, i've had hacker friends since commodore 64 :)
i just wanted to understand your arguments aginst public hype/news.
i wouldnt be on this list if i didnt like the subject :)
i just wanted to know how 'extreme' people are here...
dont get me wrong, i like extreme people!
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Subject: Re: hackerism?

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Subject: hackerism?
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 19:48:18 -0700
 Excuse me....I just had to add my 2 cents worth
here....(I almost fell out of my "armchair" reading it

[: hacktivism :]

Where is the line drawn between "hacktivism" and

hacking is generally considered to be malicious...or
at least very annoying.
***** (sounds like media hype to me.......)*****

how far are people willing to go in their cyber 'arm
*****Not very an
armchair...HActivism?....depends on the reasone?
far do YOU think ???*****

do any of us expect to change anything, or just talk
about how awful things
are? (which is ok :)
*****Some of us don't sit in armchairs,and actually Do
things to get results...and hopefully...change.*****

i just dont know how successful 'echelon dictionary
campaigns' (and the
like) are, but i personally would like to feel that we
are making a
difference if we are gonna act like thats what we are
doing here.***** posers are not awfully
effecient....neither is "acting"....the info is out
there,use effective? the people whom are
"doing" more than talking are making a
difference....just check out the media hype! LOL!
seriously though...we may not hear/see right off just
how effective SOME of our work know how
"they" hate to admit anything???*****

The way this stuff gets reported on TV, (like the
echelon campaign) this is
all just an 'Art Bell/X-Files trip' and we are a bunch
of conspiracy theory
********Well...there is an awful lot of truth in the
saying : "the truth IS out there..."....some things in
life ARE X-files. that doesn't mean just because of
some TV show...we should just give up.& give in does
it??? let em say what they want...when all the dust
settles..we can feel good we at least tried to fix it
Don't forget, hacking can be as powerful in cyberspace
as bombs are in the
real world...
*****forget? forget?.....Egad!
"I have no response to that...Mulder" ;)*****

maybe 2 lists: hacktivism and hackerism :)

I hope i am not out of place for saying this, i am new
to all this. I dont
assume i even know what i am talking about! :)
*****welcome to the edge, do ask some really
good a little homework,you might feel
better about it all.....maybe. Freedom is mainly what
it is all about...and you have the right to freedom of
speech...Don't let anybody tell you diff! You seem to
have a good mind...look into some of our works..and
why...see what you feel then.*****

i am no hacker, i am an artist concerned about the
***** Cool! I am an artist/freelance/ on the side....I
am concerned too...thats why I am here...I hate
war...dont care much for the WTO,despise how we are
lied to(ech)..ecology is in sad need of defending,the
list goes on...having become disenchanted with
whinning and moaning, I decided to do something activist for 20 yrs(& 2 mo.) (yes..I
started early) you can too! remember,any success is
better than it was before....If enough people do
something,it is bound to help! way is
even more effective!!!(but I have carpal tunnels in my
carple tunnels)I now have designer black leather wrist
braces.sad but true..LOL! for the armchair
thing I found so amusing...hehe...dont sit very
long...stand...stretch...get something with wheels...
AND! not too comfy...this spacecase tends to fall
asleep at the board...too many logon hours can kill
BTW...what is the seasone now???((and a healthy sense
of humor is a plus,methinks..or ya just might go
mad!!!EHEHEHEHEh I am new to this list too..but not to
the Hacktivism ......Hacker ism?....done/do that
too.It's another kind of animal,sort of.Malicious?
dependz...seldome..dependz...mostly just


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Subject: Re: Don't SPlit the List & Other Thoughts

> [: hacktivism :]
> On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Chuck0 wrote:
> >
> > The list won't be split. A proposal from the
working moderation group
> > will be sent out tomorrow.
> Looking forward to this. Didn't know there was a
working moderation group.
> Glad to here it.
> I'm not really into splitting the list.
> But I am into a more focused discussion.
> So I hope for good things from the working
moderation group.
> Whomever you may be.
> Speaking of which, who are you beside chuch o?
> - Stefan


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