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Date Tue, 26 Oct 1999 18:49:34 -0700 (PDT)

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Greetings people!...............................
Well,'s the humble opinion of this lowley Serf
that if "they" have the tec to do it...they will.
Reguardless of if we want them to or not.
These people have been playing 'spy vs spy' since
childhood, most likely, and now are
grown...(?)...still 'playing,'apparently. Only,we are
the victims now.,and it's not so funny anymore....  
Some  of these 'people' cannot STAND the idea of
ANYbody doing or saying ANYTHING without "their"
knowing it all, no matter how irrelevant...or
mindnumbing the content may be.
"they" feel threatened if not in what they consider to
be "Total controll of the situation".
This mentality scares me. I am not alone in
my paranoia and delusions of winning our so called
proclaimed "freedoms'...or "die trying"...there is/has
always been a War raging in the darkened rooms,and
streets & cubbyholes....seemingly,it has burst out
into the open.
 I guess it was inevbitable. 
This whole mess is not new, but it is
growing,spreading like an malignant cancer. I Thank
The Infinate Powers That Be, for this great source of
global communication called cyberspace. Now the
general populations can do their share too. 
People of all walks of life are learning about the
questionable 'invisible watchers' conditions they have
been living under. And begining to question "Why?"
Ignorance is NOT bliss. it is however a breeding
ground for disaster. I am aware there is a need for a
type of "watchdog" safeguard the nations
from eachother and crackpots. Surley,that need not
include us all???  
Can not the John Q. Public insist on a .... Panel of
"serveilence watchers"...always under the controll and
approval of the general public?? voted for in
elections? and open to continuos, strong public
scrutiney??? the 'watchers' must also be watched...or
we have this sort of thing we have now to deal with. 
No office should have "supreme power".....Not even the
presidency,as we have recently seen....Outward
appeances present a most childlike Government system
and agencies running a supposedly #1 World
Power...(after the y2k thing, I am left to question
this...).....If this is a land of the 'Free'...where
is our Rights to question and inspect these
groups/people???? and the Right to get intelligible
answers???? Where is our right to choose??? where is
our "voice?"
We MUST watch the "watchers"....................We
must demand and defend our Rights. Of
course,"They"prefer we just sleep the dead sleep of
In this way,all 'they' need to do to 'controll' us is
throw some braindead movie,or toy,or whatever,and the
J.Q.Public is busy feeding on it,oblivious to what is
going on in the background,behind us.
Every once in a while, someone gets their fill and
sniffs the air...and...gets a whiff of the
'watchers',This individual/s sound an alarm,but that
is quickly squelched by another 'toy' or what have
The Media,while being both good AND bad, can Aid the
movement t'wards actual Freedom..!!!....and seem to be
doing just that recently.  What would be wonderful
about this, is if they only could get ALL their facts
straight...and..not be enticed by bribery,and
sensationalism. "just the facts,mam."
What oh What ever happened to the thirst for knowlege
that made the technological age possible in the first
or.......the search for.....TRUTH?????
call me obsessed....I search.....and I do not sleep.
I am Free.


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