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I find it rather funny simply for the fact that they are on Illuminati
Hmm, Chaos, Control.... wrote:

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> George W. Bush the Red
> by Declan McCullagh
> 12:55 p.m. 19.Oct.99.PDT
> Intruders apparently defaced the official campaign site of Republican
> presidential candidate George W. Bush
> early Tuesday, replacing a photo of the Texas governor with a bright red
> hammer and sickle.
> Visitors said the modified Web site, which quoted socialist literature
> and
> linked to the International
> Communist League, was visible around 9:15 a.m. EDT.
> Campaign officials spent the morning trying to puzzle out exactly what
> happened, a task made more difficult
> by the fact that the Web server automatically copied over the hacked
> page
> with the original one.
> "We're trying to find out whether we had a visitor. Indications are that
> we had a visitor," said Greg Sedberry,
> webmaster.
> This isn't the first time a presidential contender has been embarrassed.
> Vice President Al Gore's campaign site
> was hacked on 10 April. "Gore was broken into in April. That's the only
> one I know of in the 2000 race," said
> B.K. DeLong, curator of the defacement archive at
> On Monday, the campaign introduced a newly designed Web site, switching
> from a single Unix server to
> multiple computers running Windows NT and Microsoft's Web server.
> "I inherited that Unix box when I came on board [in July]," Sedberry
> said.
> "I took that box and said we need a
> more robust setup. It was developed from scratch, and that's where the
> problems can arise."
> The campaign's NT machines are co-located at Austin-based Illuminati
> Online, which says it hosts 2,000
> customer Web sites.
> "The George W. Bush machines are not under our control. They maintain
> everything on those machines," said
> an Illuminati Online engineer.
> Jeremy Pinnix, webmaster of Nashville-based Anderson Thomas Design, said
> he noticed the hacked site early
> Tuesday.
> "I called them [the campaign] right away. They asked me to do a screen
> capture and to email it to them. I
> haven't heard back, but when I refreshed, it had been fixed," he said.
> "Our first battle plan is to figure out exactly what happened," said
> campaign spokeswoman Mindy Tucker.
> "This is obviously a problem that anyone who has a Web site faces."
> Sedberry said the NT machines are load-balanced, and the master Web
> server
> copies files every few minutes
> to the duplicate ones.
> "We're going through the whole system saying, 'Are we sure we locked
> that
> down?'" said campaign
> webmaster Sedberry. "We're finishing it up, double-checking,
> triple-checking. And we'll see."
> According to a screen snapshot, the hacked site quoted the International
> Communist League's belief that "we
> must take the Marxist doctrine of proletarian revolution out of the
> realm
> of theory and give it reality."
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