Nuclear Attack, First target Pentegon

From KRomz <>
Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 21:59:48 -0500
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We here at the Illinois Liberation Army have our black-ops forces on
researve.  You see, we have the power of the atom on our hands.  Due to the
Sudden rise in security related data about our groups we must attack
presision points of interest.  The first point being to radiate the Pentagon
(pentagram?!?) and turn it into a beautiful glowing green field of nuke
After we are done with that, we then will aquire the germs we have collected
throughout our years as Bio-technical warfare activists and unlease them
upon every city in the eastern portion of the USA... well do not forget
about parts of the great plains too...  Every water supply... ANTHRAX -
singing their album "Spreading the Disease"
Code: yd6h9d Delta Force bravo vector 987j
What is this thing called ILA, well we are new... we live in Illinois (USA)
and we are TERRORISTS, infact not just regular terrorists (you know, like
the ones you see in all to movies), we are HARD-FUCKING-CORE terroists...
why? well we have a really good mad scientist and the other terrorists do
not... plus, we gotz more suit case nukes from Russia the Saddam did... hell
we could even level his sorry ass if he does not watch it... but that would
piss off the rest of the country because he is on the US's payroll anyhowz.
oh well... (SORRY Wisconsin Liberation Army, we just do not like him...)

Question what you see, rethink what you believe...........
only then you shall know you are not a sheep leashed by the MAN.
This has been my MANIFESTO, because I am a UNI-BOMBER and I like to REVOLT
against the man because the NSA, CIA, FBI, MAJIC-12, and all you little gray
aliens that probe anus's.... well you can just... just LEAVE ME THE FUCK
Are you just happy to see me? or is that an Echelon in your pockeT?????????

Well, if I get arrested for this little protest on the Echelon system and
mailing all these Senators... wish me luck... and some
code word for this day is:SNARGE

Shouts out to:
Wisconsin Liberation Army (fighting the man through the thick jungle of
cheese), California Bitches for Freedom (hell yeah...marry me Jane), Alabama
Nuclear Front (Thanks for the Plutonium), Boris Yeltsin (SP? anyhow who
cares... thanks for the cheap ass suit case nukes), Florida Federation of
Thongs on the Beach(Break that damn law BABES!), All postal employee's (Get
ready, P-Day is almost here! "postal-day" for all you guyz not into the
activism scene)  Fairies for Nuclear Proliferation (You GO!) Sexy Sluts with
M-16's and Pipe Bombz Squad 1 (Thanks for getting your boogie on with me
gals... I enjoyed all of you... twice!)

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