Web Safe From Hacktivists On Jam Echelon Day

From batz <batsy@vapour.net>
Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 18:30:59 -0400 (EDT)

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Web Safe From Hacktivists On Jam Echelon Day

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Today hacktivists around the globe are sending messages
to each other using a list of keywords that will allegedly 
trigger the snooping computers of Echelon. Echelon is 
a global computer network that is said to listen for
key phrases passing through phone, fax and Internet 

Though there are no confirmed reports of the existance of
systems with these capabilities, there exist a number 
of declassified documents that refer to a system called 
Echelon, whatever its capabilities may be.  

Even though there will be no way of confirming whether
Jam Echelon Day will actually be a wrench in the 
spooks machine, it definately seems to have jammed
the email boxes of its participants. 

Ann O'maly, a gym teacher and suspected 
hacktivist, spent most of Jam Echelon Day flaming
fellow hacktivists for filling her mailbox with

"Even though I think we should all be concerned that the NSA
is reading our email, this is just too much." says O'Maly 
who coresponds with her students and family members regularly
by email. 

t0t4llyl33+, a hacker, says that he has hacked into the super secret
Echelon system and wants to tell the world that it is for real. 

"Me and s00p3rcr4cK3r were like, totally owning the NSA and like, 
we found Echelon!" said the 14 year old hacker who has an after school
job as a stock boy/security expert for the local supermarket. 

There have not been any reports of hackers defacing websites for
24 hours as they have been so busy deleting the deluge of key worded
messages from their mailboxes. 

"Hahahahahahah" laughs Phil Brant of the Communications Security
Establishment, Canada's version of the NSA. 

"I think that those hacktivists could really use something like Echelon
, er, if it existed, to filter all that crap coming into their 
mailboxes right about now . The closest thing we have here to a global 
email filtering
system is my procmailrc." Brant says of the effort in reference to 
a popular mail filtering program for Unix and Unix-like operating

A press release from the National Security Agency in the US 
addressed the Jam Echelon with a tight lipped denial of 
any such system.

"*giggle* There is not, *snort* has never been, *chuckle* nor 
will there ever be a global survielence network called Echelon.

Even still, hacktivists are still sending messages to each other
with gibberish and military acronyms in the hopes that maybe 
someone will listen to them. 

Somebody get me a damn spellchecker.

Chief Reverse Engineer 
Superficial Intelligence Research Division
Defective Technologies

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