Please advise when to strike the pentagon

From "ufotec" <>
Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:54:50 PDT

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It is my opinion that any and all repeats can and will be ignored by the
system. To simply repeat a set of key phrases is probably not going to be
effective. Also the posts with >marks 
that indicate a reply are probably going to be ignored. 

Hard encryption is a good bet. Fresh content with key phrases are going to
be effective as well. My group did some mail to group time tests on this and
found that new info with known key phrases took longer to get to the list
than old or reuesd messages. Hard encryption took longer.

Echelon has been around for a while now and their computers can handle a
huge load. They have programmed the routers in the backbone to route
suspected messages to them so they only really look through the pre filtered
stuff. This is from my friend the tec from UUNET. 

If someone took all your personal mail and opened all of it and scanned it
into their data base then sent you the mail with tape on the ends you would
be pretty steamed.

Our terrorist counter intelligence counter counter espionage experts at
Echelon are on the inside and they will let us know how it is going. ;-)

make sure all the fuses get to the bomb site. All of the C-4 should be there
by now. Ready the truch with the M-16s and 
M-203s we will need them to destroy all personel inside the compound.

Oklahoma City militia handgun assault rifle terrorism bomb drug Horiuchi
Koresh Davidian Randy Weaver Vickie Weaver Delta Force Mossad MI5 C4 Malcolm
X revolution Bill Earth First Clinton Wackenhut 

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