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Date Wed, 20 Oct 1999 05:54:49 GMT

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So most people on this list probably know the answers to these questions 
like the back of their hands, but, well...I don't, so I'm asking anyway.

1.  How do I keep my e-mail secure and private?  Is there such a thing?  Do 
I need to use PGP?

2.  What's this about proxys and cookies?

3.  How do I stop from getting spam and stupid chain letters?

4.  How come every time I try to unsubscribe from a list that I haven't even 
asked to be put on (on onelist, or wherever) it doesn't work?

5.  If I get unsubbed from a list that I have not unsubbed myself from, and 
I've recieved no confirmation of it, does that mean somebody got into my 

6.  How do I stop people from getting into my account?  (Other than changing 
my password over and over again).

7.  Aren't there ways of getting my password using a numerical sequencer 
thing that just comes right back on when it gets booted off?

8.  What's this about hushmail?  Is it secure or is it just some kind of 
conspiracy to get me and all of my friends to switch over?

9.  How many places does each e-mail I write go to before it reaches it's 
(hopefully) final destination?  Is there any way to minimize this?

10. How do I know this list isn't being archived somewhere?


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