Need Articulate Letter to Janet Reno for Mumia Case

From noreastah <>
Date Sun, 17 Oct 1999 12:24:48 -0400

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Greetings Folks,

I am going to be *trying* to build an autofaxer page for Mumia. This would
be a web page that you can just fill in a fax number and your name & e-mail
and hit a button and it faxes Janet Reno or Penn Gov. Tom Ridge or whoever
people think should be faxed. The main advantage of this is that it would
be free to send the fax and people could send lots of faxes very quickly.

I am taking the code from another web site that did this for an animal
rights case and trying to change it with data on Mumia. This autofaxer idea
is something new to me so I'm not 100% sure that it will work right the
first time, but I'm going to take a shot at it. I don't think it wil be
that hard.

Anyway, I'm not the most articulate in letter/fax writing. It has been
suggested that faxes/letters should be directed at Janet Reno. If someone
could write a letter to Ms. Reno and send it to me I will incorporate it
into the autofaxer web page. Could someone more familar with the case draft
a letter, please?

I'll let you know when the page is done. Let me know of other ideas people
have for this page (other people who should be faxed?).

please e-mail reponses to


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