Re: the guardian article on J.E.D.

From "Robert Kemp" <>
Date Fri, 15 Oct 1999 04:41:48 EDT

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From: Brad Waugh <>

You do not define in what ways hacktivism is (or isn't) effective.
Surely this has only "demonstrated" that hacktivism (in this instance)
has been effective at garnering mainstream attention.  This is not the
same as the statement that hacktivism is effective at making real
change, or anything else for that matter.  Media attention (especially
mainstream) is not our end goal, so unless you explicitly link this
attention to that end goal you have not "demonstrated" anything.
Some activists want to be hacktivists and some hackers want to be 
hacktivists.  I don't know what you hope to accomplish with hacking, per se, 
but ACTIVISM often requires media attention.

It is all about countering the manufactured consent and that means reaching 
a lot of people.

Here come the flames.....

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