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Replicant wrote:
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> Robert sent us:
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> > November 30th, 1999
> >
> > A Global Day of Action, Resistance, and Carnival Against the Global
> > Capitalist System
> Ah, that's interesting. I read the following article about N30 a month ago in
> the Sunset Times and couldn't be sure whether it was BS or not - although the
> name Ungoed-Thomas is surprisingly absent from it. There wasn't any mention of
> N30 on any of the sites for the sources mentioned at the time, obviously
> because it's only just had the announcement released. So it makes me wonder
> where the Times got its information from.
> -R. (delurking)
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> Anti-City anarchists plot global riot
> Mark Macaskill and Jessica Berry
> ANARCHISTS who masterminded this summer's riot in the City of London
> are planning a second protest to target banks and financial institutions, a
> Sunday Times investigation has revealed.
> Militant groups including Reclaim the Streets and Earth First, which
> co-ordinated the June 18 (J18) action, have been in contact with their
> American counterparts to launch a simultaneous campaign on November 30.
> A website set up to co-ordinate activists calls for a day of "civil
> disobedience"
> and "simultaneous actions in financial districts in major cities around the
> world". Last week a member of the California-based Ruckus society, the
> group behind the website, confirmed that it was in talks with British
> activists.
> The date has been chosen to coincide with the meeting of the World Trade
> Organisation (WTO) in Seattle, Washington, to be attended by representatives
> of 150 countries.
> Detective Chief Inspector Kieron Sharp, of the City of London police, said:
> "We are aware of this date and are taking the matter seriously.
> "We are trying to assess what is being organised, but it's too early to say if
> it
> will be on the scale of the June protest."
> The J18 day of action, billed as an international "carnival against
> capitalism",
> turned into a violent demonstration that left 46 people injured and damaged
> property worth £2m.
> After the protest, a secret meeting was held by Reclaim the Streets at which
> activists called for another attack "while the iron was hot".
>           Money talks: a demonstrator confronts police in the City
> The worst violence occurred at the Liffe futures exchange building, and the
> nearby Rabobank, where windows were smashed and offices wrecked. A
> McDonald's outlet and a Mercedes-Benz dealership were also vandalised.
> Jan Dost, of Rabobank, said: "It was unfortunate that we were targeted last
> time. I can only hope that this time we will be spared."
> A special action camp, called Smash the WTO - intended to train activists in
> direct-action campaigns and street protests ahead of the event in November - is
> to be held this week near Seattle. Among the speakers is John Jordan, a
> leading figure of Reclaim the Streets UK.
> In an e-mail sent to The Sunday Times last week, an activist warned: "People
> are really getting prepared for some good action. I guarantee that there will
> be
> some anarchist s*** going down, too."
> Dave, an eco-warrior with Earth First, said: "Direct action is the only way
> forward and plans are being made for another protest. We are waiting for
> further details by e-mail."
> Schnews, an activist newsletter based in Brighton, recently told activists that
> plans were under way and said that regular updates would follow.
> In what is thought to be a trial run for N30, animal rights and anti-capitalist
> protesters plan to travel to Bournemouth this month for the Labour party
> conference.
> More than 16,000 members of the pro-hunting community will also be in
> attendance at the conference to protest against a possible ban on hunting.
> "Some passionate anti-hunt campaigners see this as an ideal opportunity to
> cause trouble," said one activist. However, the WTO conference at the
> Washington State Trade and Convention Center in Seattle is regarded as the
> main event.
> Seattle police have been liaising with the American Secret Service and the
> Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to prepare for the 10,000 activists
> expected, many of them travelling from Britain, Germany and the
> Netherlands.
> Senior police officials in Britain have expressed concern that small activist
> groups, which previously acted independently, have forged links with bigger
> groups as a result of J18.
> They say this will make the co-ordination of a global event much easier than
> ever before.
> Additional reporting: Justin Rigby
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