Grand Jury Resistance AutoFaxer

From "Direct Action" <>
Date Sun, 10 Oct 1999 21:54:13 -0700

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An auto-faxer, in resistance to the unconstitutional Grand Jury system, has been set up at in response to the jailing of an animal rights activist for expressing her 1st amendment rights - who has been jailed and on a hunger strike since October 5.  The auto-faxer is directed to the Judge and U.$. Attorney who imprisoned her.

======================================================================While the Apache death song recognizes death and its inevitability, it is significant that Geronimo's did not.
His last words -- singing on his death bed, 
O Ha Le 
 O Ha Le 
  I am waiting for the change!
       Some Apaches say he never surrendered.  Not even to death.

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