Arms Fair website closed down by CyberPacifists

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Date Fri, 17 Sep 1999 11:19:42 EDT

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Subject: Arms Fair website closed down by CyberPacifists
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14 September 1999

Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEi) Exhibition Web Site
Shut Down by CyberPacifists

The web site being used to advertise the DSEi weapons exhibition
taking place 14-17 September at London, Docklands and Chertsey,
Surrey, has been shut down by CyberPacifists, today, 14 September, on
the opening day of the DSEi exhibition. The site closed down was at :

Information about DSEi and the protests taking place against it can be
found at the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) web site at :

Notes to Editors :

Defence Systems Equipment International 1999 is the UK's largest ever
arms and military equipment exhibition. Over 600 companies and
official delegates from over 50 different countries are present at the

DSEi is the product of a merging of three separate arms exhibitions:
Battlefield Systems International (BSI), The Royal Navy & British Army
Equipment Exhibition (RNBAEE) and The International Marine Defence
Exhibition (IMDEX). Delegates from all over the world attended the
RNBAEE exhibition in 1997, including those from known human rights
abusing states such as Indonesia and Turkey, and regions of tension.

The UK Secretary of State for Defence, George Robertson, met his
Turkish counterpart, Izmit Sezkin, at the RNBAEE exhibition in 1997.
Royal Ordnance, part of British Aerospace, were exhibiting there.
Following the show, it was announced that Royal Ordnance had secured a
contract with Turkey to build 500,000 HK33 assault rifles for the
Turkish armed forces. Turkey is a well known human rights abusing
state, its brutal aggression towards the Kurdish people is well
documented.  Furthermore, weapons and equipment from British arms
companies such as Alvis and British Aerospace are currently being used
against the people of East Timor by Indonesia government forces.


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