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I don't know if anyone noticed, but those are the lyrics for "Kinky Sex
Makes the World Go Round" by the Dead Kennedys :)


Flint Jones wrote:
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> So, if any site is to be considered a public space, it most definately has
> to be those of the media oligopolies?  I find the media's emphasis on the
> memo being a hox is pretty damn sad, since having read their hacked
> page... is pretty darn funny.  A couple of nice stabs on U.S. foreign
> policy, corporations and the military industrial complex.
> The media has no humor.  They get what they deserve.
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> Subject: DAMN: 06-SEP-1999: Hackers Vandalize C-Span Web Site
> Title: Hackers Vandalize C-Span Web Site
> Date: 06-SEP-1999
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> Hackers vandalized the Internet site of the C-SPAN cable network Sunday,
> replacing its Web page with a bizarre note that included what they
> claimed to be a transcript of a conversation between a U.S. government
> official and the leader of a Middle Eastern country.
> The hackers, calling themselves "United Loan Gunmen,'' also claimed
> responsibility for the defacement of the Internet site for ABC just
> weeks ago. The group is believed to be relatively newly formed, and its
> only known attacks have been the ones against C-SPAN and ABC.
> Officials at C-SPAN, the public affairs cable network that broadcasts
> House and Senate proceedings and other public affairs programming, could
> not be reached Sunday night.
> The Web site for C-SPAN was temporarily replaced with a black page
> carrying the logo for the hacker group. It also included what it
> described as a transcript of a 1983 conversation suggesting that federal
> officials planned to start a military skirmish in the Middle East to
> benefit the American military-industrial complex.
> But the "transcript'' was apparently a hoax, as the U.S. official
> identifies himself as the Secretary of War at the State Department,'' a
> post that doesn't exist.
> The defacement against C-SPAN was first reported on a Web site,
> Attrition.Org, which tracks hacking efforts on the Internet.
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