Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

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Date Mon, 6 Sep 1999 16:30:45 +0800
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> everybody must have the right to publish his/her ideas,
> and promote his/her cause, WHATEVER IT MAY BE.

> I am still wondering whether this list is dedicated to hackers or to 
> activists .....

well, what is a hacker?  Contemporary media hijaacked the term 
and proceeded to use it to describe a malicious electronic 
assailant.  But history defines it as anyone who messes with a 
system until it does something unusual.  Activists fight for "good 
causes" ... a hacktivist is someone who messes with a system to 
promote peace, learning and happiness.

Levy's hackers, for example, picked locks at MIT -- but only so 
they could develop the beginnings of the multiuser, multitasking 
operating systems we're using to write these messages.

The essential difference seems to be about intent - facilitation vs 

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