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From Viggo Andersen <>
Date Sat, 28 Aug 1999 14:27:01 +0200
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Hi all,

Just thought I would introduce myself. I am the owner of a list called 
Workfare-Fight - a pretty self-explanatory list name, but to expand on 
it, it's a list for organizing welfare recipients and fighting workfare 

I am not really into hacktivism, but joined the list to learn about 
whatever might come handy at some point, and as comments on the list 
have already shown I do have certain experiences and goals in common 
with other list members. 

For instance, I've had my fair share (or more) of activist infights to 
deal with via the net, and I want to get poor people on the net in 
huge numbers, not the least because otherwise a list like mine will 
never make much sense. I'm a former welfare recipient myself, btw, and 
now on an early retirement pension, 54 years old.     

In addition to running the list I maintain 3 list web sites, 1 in 
Canada (on the host site for the list) and 2 here in Denmark. They 
are identical except for the index page and kept in accordance with 
the good ole principle KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. Well, truth is 
I've pretty much exhausted my html skills with what I've got now. :) 
But it's not just lack of skills, it's also because I don't want to 
burden visitors with the download of graphics, unless I have a really
good reason for it.  

I created an international welfare/workfare links page in September 
(when I created the sites), but the page was getting bigger and 
bigger, so in order to relief it a bit and at the same time emphasize 
the activism I recently added an events page for actions, campaigns, 
court cases, conferences - anything that documents the international 
fight against workfare and other attacks on a social safety net for 

Okay, time for me to shut up now, I enjoy reading the discussions and
will contribute, if I think I've got something useful to say (and can 
get time to write it down).  


Viggo Andersen
List owner Workfare-Fight

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