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>> Creating disruption through CD and ECD has a function: it garners attention.
>> Attention garners interest and interest has the potential to bring about
>> constructive change.
>I'mn not simply trying to fan a flame war, but how does dumping data into
>an error log of a web server garner attention?  Who will see it?  How can
>anyone even verify that the work was accomplished?  AFAIK it isn't
>possible to get a dump of an web server error log unless you have access
>to the directory that it lives in on the computer running the web server.
>So beyond being able to say you did it, what purpose does this specific
>action serve to garner attention?


For me, the value of the EDT and FloodNet attacks is that they are 
compelling theatre; protest as spectacle. On a practical level, EDT does 
not end Mexican actions in Chiapas, nor does it even impede the tech 
abilities, beyond the web servers, of the targetted organisations. But 
there is a certain righteous poetry, to me, in inscribing the names of 
the dead on the virtual machine of the Mexican state. 

To get back down to earth, EDT has attracted a good amount of press, both 
mainstream and alternative; which, I'm sure, has the incalcuable bonus of 
showing people in a vibrant way the reality that these infernal machines 
can be a lot more than simply a really convenient and anonymous way to 
order books, check out porn or email Grandma in DesMoines. 

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