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From Parsifal <>
Date Fri, 27 Aug 99 23:01:51 +0300

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>Creating disruption through CD and ECD has a function: it garners attention.
>Attention garners interest and interest has the potential to bring about
>constructive change.

The other down side about hacktivism is that it assumes that people are 
too stupid to make their own opinions.
So, "authorized individuals", the Hackers must shut down the "bad sites".

Doesn't it sound like these clumsy softwares which block "bad sites" 
which could offense "innocent children" ?

Doesn't hacktivism sound as a "censorship fighting for freedom of speech" 

And what about the personal freedom to browse "bad sites" ?

I am not sure it garners attention : media need new topics each day....

Again, if you want to fight a propaganda, it would be better to provide 
an alternative information.
Rather than banning or shutting down fascist sites, why not to fight them 
with arguments ?
Why not to demonstrate they are wrong ? 

I consider a site shutting down as a physical aggression.
At this play, the strongest wins.....and you speak of personal freedom ?

Instead, hackers could teach people how to protect their privacy, how to 
fake an IP address to be untraceable.

THIS would be hacktivism.


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