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Date Fri, 27 Aug 99 21:41:39 +0300

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>The key is to keep positive, keep thinking, and to concentrate on
>commonality, so sectarianism doesn't incite us to war with each other,
>rather than the man. :)

Yes, and i'd like to quote Chuck0,  :

------"What would I rather see "hactivists" do? Spend more of our efforts 
talents developing alternatives to the New World Order. That means
getting more activist online and helping more poor people get online.
This also means developing our own free software and OSs and building
netoworks that are impervious to ruling class disruption."-------

or Steven White,

----"As for a more real-world approach to technological activism I think 
can step back once more from Chuck's comment above.  Simply teaching
people about what a computer is, how it works and what exactly the
Internet is & does is extremely worthwhile.  Getting people's hands on a
computer connected to the net before they see it through the filters of
commercialism or even the local library (which in the Milwaukee area seems
to think computers and the Internet are only for finding jobs and books)
will have a stronger effect on society than filling
/etc/httpd/log/error_log with a list of names *NO* one will ever see
(other than their web server administrator)."-----------

A true activist should try to awake people, and not to decide which site 
is worth being online, and which isn't.
Shutting down a site does not create anything : it just destroys.
I don't understand why someone should have the right to destroy anything 
because he claims to be an "hacktivist".

The two quotes above speak of constructive actions, and, indeed, isn't 
Linux an hacktivist project ?
Isn't it much more efficient to participate in such a project, rather 
than considering oneself as a kind of online Terminator ?

There is a mystic of chaos, and disorder, and revolution, etc...etc...

Now, do we want to be romantic, or do we want concrete societal changes ?

Philippe Egret

The Noosph project : a vibrant venture for free citizens


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