From "Grugnog" <grugnog@tao.ca>
Date Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:08:58 +0100
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[: hacktivism :]

Hi all,

First of all: Welcome to the Hacktivism list!

In this message I hope to explain a few things, and ask a few questions,
mainly about the list admin.

I initiated this list early this year because there was some discussion on
'hacktivism' going on on the Nettime, DAMN-D and tao-org lists (and
probably others too). Much of this was being crossposted, and it bacame
clear that where wasn't really a suitable list for the discussion to move

In addition to this, I personally think that there is a need for a
better understanding of what 'hacktivism' means (as a word and in a
tactical, ethical and practical sense) - I certainly don't claim to know
myself! I do however think that some of the techniques that claim to be
(or have been claimed to be) examples of hacktivism have been 
ill-convieved or applied, whilst others have been inspirational and

I have been busy for the last few months, so I haven't got around to
'launching' the list till now. Meanwhile, quite a few of you have
subscribed, so I thought is was prudent to try and get some kind of
consensus on a list announcement before sending it out. That way we can
target it to whom we like, and attempt to get a good quality list culture
going from the beggining.

When discussing the possibility of a list with others at Tao, it was
agreed that, as we have enough security issues as it is it would be best
if we could _avoid_ using the list to discuss actual exploits and hacking 
techniques. I think however that there is plenty to discuss anyway,
without drawing unneccessary attention to Tao. In addition to discussion I
also think that this would be a good place to post reports and analysis of
hacktivism actions. I would eventually, once we have understood it better
(in the collective sense) like to bring together some of the material, to
make some informational web pages, and perhaps a hacktivism FAQ.

Whilst on the topic of FAQs, I have started out on bringing together a
short list-FAQ, to answer some anticipated list-admin questions. I will
post this to the list every month or so, so people are reminded, and so
it can be modified and kept up to date. This only coverers some very basic
questions, such as subscribing, unsubscribing, what the list is for, what
the list is not for, replying off list, spam, hoaxes.

Please post you ideas, questions, thoughts, rants, news, analysis and
anything else related to hacktivism to the list, and we can hopefully get
this list moving!

Announcement beta and list-FAQ follow.

- Grugnog