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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 02:45:27 -0800 (PST)

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Greetz All!

Nice diggs ya got there. :)

I 'would' get a laugh out of your rant.
If it wasn't So True.
Knowing that little refuses to be

"They" put up tons of Propaganda.
Someone has to counter this, preferably with
provable facts. Truth!
So, We do.
Your Message is Crucial!
Especially at this time.
Show it to the world.
In capital letters & blazing full colour.
Remember..JQP Needs to be Dazzled?
Add a few tunez if ya got em.

"If the mountain will not come to you, take it to
the ole mohamad."
Spread the word.

The War has worsened.

Having been "dancing with the big boyz" for
several+ years now, The dance turns Especially
ugly of late.
I/we started out ...full of righteous indignation
(& a little rage)
& The battle we brought to "them "

(& Still don't regret it)

was 'originally' un-malicious retaliation for
'their' sacreligous capture & turning
 of a Most promising,
usefull and HELPful
New Creation
into a blasphemous bugridden,
'questionably' controlled,
Seriously cloak n dagger
 Capitalist Dreamland.
 Where Nothing is as it seems, and Everything has
a price/tag.. or it dies a horrible death by
their supreme command.

Arg.(insert your own expletive here)

those of us whom loved our "home" as it WAS
*To fight for our Natural Habitat.
And, at this stage,
 We welcome/enlist Any & All comers whom are
brave AND intelligent.

Despite what "They" are doing...
No Age, Race, Gender, Abilities, Denomination, or
Preferance Restrictions apply here.

Except..perhaps one. ;)
Fools need not apply. If you cannot use a
keyboard or *Equivilent Device & Just Don't Want
to Learn, Please    Go work for "Them"

Mr. Stallman & many of his ilk, are already
& for good reasone.

Our Best & Bravest Deserve Recognition.

But..some are not so widely known. Yet.
Perhaps after the war is over.
I meself, never name names.
you know who you are.
name dropping to impress is foolhardy and may be
disasterous for someone crucial.

Thanks to the Somehow Surviving Ethical Values &
(surprising, in such an environment as the
dreaded "cubicle" that Any humanity survives.Been
there,Done that. Still have the nightmares.)

of a Handful of 'former employees' of such
whom became every bit as Dissilusioned as we,

(Mucho Thanks due these Guys!(& Gals) The True
unsung Heroes of cyberspace.)

With their relentless,tireless help,
I/we manage to stay one step ahead in the dance.
So far.

 Recently, however...we feel the shadows falling.
on the Net as it is in the RealWorld,
 is a fragile thing.
It Always has been.
Now though,
Soon to be extinct, I fear.

These plethera of Viri, etc. We come up with are
little more than diversionary tactics.
Stallers of the inevitable.

To actually SAVE our Net,  We Need a bonafied
*Miracle program.
As much as the RealWorld needs that proverbial
Miracle Pill to destroy Their cancers.

So far, despite the endless blur of dayz & nitez
(& yearz, lost count.)
'It' remains as elusive as the Grail.
near misses don't count.

If only we could light a fire under JQP's butt...
THAT could/would buy us the time we need.
bwth, it couldnt hurt, right?
I guess this rant is actually a PLEA from an
If if IF *Everybody* made such pages, even just
And labeled em to snag the search engines, we
just might get more info to the public?.
Their awareness IS growing....Just SOoo slowly.

Kudos, shkawamoto, KUDOS.
What you did is Much More than just mouthing off
for fun, MUCH more than poking a stab at The Man.

You are in fact, firing a weapon.
& with really Good Aim.
Information is THE weapon..Truth makes it hit the
In a bloodless war, that is 1one1 of the Key
methods of how it is played out.

& in this War?
It's down to FREE(dom)Will gunners against
Mind(less)Controll freaks.

Welcome to the WAR.

& THANKS for joining!


--- Stephen Kawamoto <>
> [: hacktivism :]
> Try out my website at
> My spin on Microsoft as inspiration for
> hacktivism
> should amuse you. Gradually, more reasons why
> Microsoft is the top reason I hack will appear.
> Also there is information on FSF and Stallman,
> QNX,
> Linux etc.
> Stephen
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