Website defacement

From sniper <>
Date 12 Jan 2001 19:08:03 -0000

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RE: Website Defacement

I was just reading the message by elixx, and while I would agree with him/her? that Website Defacement isn't being used to it's full potential, it is none the less an important weapon in the hacktivist's arsenal. If for example a middle aged capitalist goes to a bank's website and they see that someone has changed it to say "end the exploitation of the working class", it might not change their mind immediately, but it will show them that not everyone is happy with the status quo. Even if it just reads "cyberdemon_x says hi to X0rK377 and pHiFISh", it will still remind them that they haven't gone away. There is a saying that freedom of the press is restricted to those who own one. Well, with website defacement, we have an oppurtunity to break into the printing press and use it for ourselves.


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