Re: Thorns in my side

From "Capt. Rylor" <>
Date Mon, 8 Jan 2001 20:03:16 -0600

[: hacktivism :]

            I get scanned over a thousand times a day by this one guy. I have
            even given up my ip address and he's scanning the new one too! This
            has been going on since October, day in and day out. And I have
            already lowered my "sensitivity" or rather the alert points to only
            emergencies (ie someone is actually in the system) In reality I'm
            more paranoid about others that have not setup a protection scheme
            for themselves on my isp's network. Granted, I'll admit that if I
            ever found out who it is in the real world, I'd at least step really
            hard on his toes simply on the principle of it all.

            I was thinking it over the other night that a software application
            could reasonably send a message back to the scanning system that if
            it scanns past, let's say 100 ports, it wil be attacked me
            that is more than reasonable.

            Besides, from what I understand on cyber law only the big wig
            companies can press charges, and that's only if it costs thousands of
            dollars or more in financial loss.....with our current cyber law
            structure, only the rich and corporations can press charges on this
            stuff, anything else, and you might get kicked off your ISP but
            that's about it.

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