Re: Thorns in my side

From Ben Earnhart <>
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2001 15:17:41 -0600

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Why try to knock them off-line for scanning?  That's like blowing
somebody's brains out for sneaking a peek at your
girl/boy/other-friend.  What they did was maybe rude, but what you're
proposing to do is criminal.

Make sure you have good defenses in case they're up to no good and they try
anything, but hitting them just for scanning is dumb.  For that matter, do
yourself a favor and turn down your hyper-sensitive intrusion detection
software; you don't need it to set off sirens and pop-up windows every time
somebody scans you -- it's not *them* who is annoying you, *you* are
annoying yourself.  Log scans, and watch closely for patterns or anything
beyond a scan, but you don't need to go ballistic over every little ping.

At 04:31 PM 1/6/01 -0600, you wrote:
>             Okay I'll lay it out real simple and easy. I have a few hackers
>             scanning my system on a daily basis that annoy me to no end. I've
>             even gone as far as reporting the worst to our ISP (the worst
> one is
>             on the same ISP.) At anyrate what I want to do in the end is
> knock
>             them offline, essentially. I figure some of them have to be
> running
>             of of a script or something just sitting there scanning
> waiting till
>             the kid that set it up comes back to look at what it found.
>             Anyone know of a single app that blocks and auto attacks to
> trojan
>             and port scanning calls?

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