Re: [zapatista tribal port scan code* by EDT]

From noreply <>
Date 4 Jan 01 08:19:53 PST

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hola ric,

happy new years, K+1 the (cyber)space odyssey...

I'll come back online soon, I just've my new appartment this week,
and perhaps a cable connection at the end of the month, but before to be
online is very hard...I'm using my friends connection.
That's why FRA website is out since october.

I'm working on a new version of Protest Online Chat and a fax version of
Mail-O-Matic, think that faxes are harded to stop than emails, but seems
free internet fax do not works properly for the moment.
And some ideas of projects, but need calm to go on

I keep U in touch,
see you soon

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