From banners <heather@teknopunx.co.uk>
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 20:00:41 -0000

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 Is the site for what is hoped to be RIP's deathblow. At present, PC Plod

 can come round and demand your encryption keys, if you refuse you can be

 prosecuted. Ephemeral keys are generated when needed and vanish when
 are no longer required. You never know the key or retain it on your

 MOOT will be a free or shareware product due out in the summer of next
 year. It will consist of a package of programs (mail, word processor
 that talk to secure data sites via encrypted links. Storage is handled
 remotely, so even if the police take your machine there is nothing for
 to examine.

 It will be running on as many OSs and hardware systems as possible, so
 can dig out your old Amiga 500s and use them as the core of your secure
 network (and play a bit of Silly Putty when you get bored)

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