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> At what point do we define the cross over from imagination
> to propaganda?

An excellant question not addressed often enough on the net.
> C'mon, stating that the "most-despised caste were
> intercepted on their way to the polls by state police," with
> the assumption that they would ALL have voted for the
> opposing party is not only narrow, illogical, and completely
> un-provable, it's also extraordinarily racist and seemingly
> designed to be not just inflammatory, but incendiary.

Agreed completely
> I have numerous friends of the above titled "caste", most
> very technical - all very skilled in their chosen field, who
> are Very insulted at the media slant that they are too
> uneducated to know how to read a ballot, too ignorant to
> know how to read and research the facts behind the political
> figures involved, and too complacent/lazy to think for
> themselves.  Some voted Democrat, some Republican, a few
> Green, and even a couple Libertarian - the one thing they
> all agree on is that they will not "overcome" as long as
> they are continuously kept separate by the machinations of
> the media.
> Please, don't help buy into or continue to feed the modern
> media myths.

That is not my intent at all and I welcome your intelligent response, don't
shoot the messenger, even if she did overlook the possibility of offending
those who hold your views (sorry) As far as I'm aware the post was a
joke-admiitedly not amusing from your point of view. My apologies
> > >   Pretty scary...
> > >   Imagine ...
> > >
> > >    1. Imagine an election in a third-world country in which the
> > > self-declared winner was the
> > > son of the former prime minister - and
> > >   imagine   that the former prime minister was himself the former head
> > > of that   nation's
> > > secret police.

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