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From Hal <>
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 13:14:50 -0800

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While the story below is certainly well-done with the bells and whistles
(as any power-piece needs), this doesn't cause me to lose any sleep --
in fact, I would be both shocked and disconcerted if the country
(military?) isn't involved in such enterprise already.

Actually, I think an in-depth study would find that the first
concentrated use of the internet by countries in an adversarial role was
that of the West in the Balkans showdown.  Much was done to confuse
Milosevic's communications and to spread disinformation.

Such is life the way it's going to be from now on, folks.

What is much more disturbing to me is the CIA turning into almost an
economic strikeforce and covert agency for the country and the
corporations.  I felt much more comfortable with them scurrying around
looking for Russian fingerprints and leaving AirBus alone.

Remember, the old restriction on the CIA that it could operate only
outside U.S. borders (in the past circumvented by collusion with other
agencies) means absolutely nothing in the cyber age.  It can add its
fingers too to do the walking through your computer if you pose a threat
to the new "economic" mission.

Did anybody say "WTO"?


> November 22, 2000
> Web posted at: 9:35 a.m. EST (1435 GMT)
> by Ellen Messmer
> (IDG) -- The U.S. military has a new mission: Be
> ready to launch a cyberattack against potential
> adversaries, some of whom are stockpiling cyberweapons.

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