last word on cencorship

From Heather <>
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 13:24:42 +0100

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Well- who'd have thought it, I've finally changed my mind. I've had lots of
long thoughts about porn and cencorship these last few weeks and at the end
of all the arguments I've decided the arguments against cencorship outweigh
everything else. Avedons article (below)and the reply tipped the odds-along
politicians lying through their teeth.. So now you can all say WE TOLD YOU
SO!-well thanks anyway, its been an education.

Last week I had this article in the /Guardian/ "Online" section:,3605,370894,00.html

This week, there's a letter in response from our friend John Carr:,3605,374040,00.html

Leaving aside that he responds to nothing I said (and claims I said what
I didn't), I consider it somewhat dishonest of him to omit to mention that
he wants to impose blocking software on libraries and schools.

Feminists Against Censorship

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