RE: real change

From Andrea Levinge <>
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:26:53 +0800

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I think, and still think that censors who are worried about children seeing
illicit content on the web are a little boofbrained. Kids really don't care
( I say that from experience)and until they become teenagers most take it a
fact of life, like gum sticking to your hair or your mother having a fit
`cause you got all muddy.
 - I think the issue really was kids actually being the subject of the
illicit site - which is perverted. I don't really like the idea at all. In
the country I'm in, kids are being kidnapped and sold ( it's all over the
news) and it annoys me to no end that people are taking more notice of
'censoring' what kids see on the net ( what the heck are you protecting them
from, anyway? They've seen their mothers naked) than the real issues in real

Just having a pondering day,


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