Re: real change

From Paul Kneisel <>
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 11:47:16 -0400
Cc Andrea Levinge <>, thomas burns <>

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Thomas Burns and Andrea Levinge are in favor of activists devoting time to 
join the Federal Government and the far right to increase governmental 
censorship via the battle against "kiddie porn."

To do this the censorship forces have to make it appear that the issue is a 
massive one and that significant numbers of children suffer. Yet, beneath 
the wild claims I've *never* found a single one that tried to document the 
assertions. Thus Burns wrote: "one quick look at the alt hericary in Usenet 
(news groups) and you see a lot of blaent kiddie porn."

Frankly I think Burns invented this out of whole cloth to produce the exact 
type of hysteria needed to manipulate activists into joining far right 
actions. I take more that a "quick look" at usenet and simply don't see 
anything to support Burns's contention.

But let us simply ask him to document his charges. The mere fact that 
nobody else ever has doesn't mean he won't. But it is a good indication.

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