Re: Forget Carnivore Day

From Lub Dub Saaaa <>
Date 9 Sep 2000 01:43:31 -0000

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Well, first of all I have to say that you are entirely right!!!

I'm new to this list, so I don't know where the focus was. I saw someone post the "carnivore" theme and I just assumed it would be easier to confuse it with decoys than to overload it. I thought it was a fun project, and I kept talking about it because everyone else was into it, so —like I said— I'm new to this consensus, I just kept following the flow. I don't use PGP because I haven't been able to get it. But I do use strong crypto. And have been for years.

"I think the people subscribed to it [this list] need to ask themselves what it is they want to accomplish."

I guess this must apply to a lot of the hackergroups/hacktivists everywhere. There's not enough talk about goals. Yet I think that THAT's what we're here for, to talk about them.

"Carnivore is such a non-issue.  It's just sexy to you 
because it involves the FBI and it's in the media."

To me carnivore hasn't been such an issue. But it can become one. I know that the FBI is there to do their jobs, which is to "keep the public safe", etc. and etc. Yet having a working knowledge of how you could bring it down —or more precisely, confuse its ass— isn't a complete waste of time.

True, so maybe crypto is the answer to carnivore and the rest. Yet I kind of still want to know how it feels to confuse something using decoys. Since it plays more on a memetic analogy/paradigm. It's got more to do with distraction than with destruction. It's using information as bait, as the main weapon. Overloading is too brute force. You need obfuscation, dizzyness, simulation of randomness, making the thing seem like it's lost. It seeks us, right? So if it sees, kill lights and smoke screens. If it hears, then turn the volume up.

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