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I truly support your idea.
Since I live in the Philippines, child exploitation is a big problem, not to
mention a heartache.


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This is going to burn some peoples butts,  but there are times to work with
the "MAN". plus it would be a way to make a positive change in the world.

I have an idea that may/may not be being used. There is a large amount of
kiddie porn on the Internet; I work as a system administrator. Anyways it
strikes me there are 2 main sources aside from http/ftp sites. #1 news
groups, #2 IRC (specifically the DAL net- you can't bring up a chat group
list with out running into a lot of groups (20-100 out of 9000-10000 chat
groups) that contain or advertise kiddie porn. and just one quick look at
the alt hericary in Usenet (news groups) and you see a lot of blaent kiddie

Anyways my idea is this:

1. Get a group of people who know their way around the Internet and are
willing to help.
2. They download pictures from these groups, do a crop on the face section,
and compare it to the pictures of missing children.
3. They find a match they turn over to your orgazation (missing and
expolited children) or the FBI in a zip file with the picture, original
message (with address headers- in the case of Usenet) and ip address and MAC
address if they can get it (each network card has a MAC address- it can be
used like a fingerprint- they usually don't repeat- odds of a duplicate MAC
address are like 1 in a trillion) for DAL net.

This may or may not find missing children, but it will help cut down kiddie
porn and perhaps cut back on exploitation of children.

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