From Heather <>
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:15:35 -0700

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I'm not against the choke carnivore action, I did the jam Echelon thing but I never found out if it actually worked, and I can't help agreeing  with whoever sent the rant in that included the phrase "& does it really matter if there are a group of people out there watching 
every single person's web activity??  It's not like we can stop them.  & if 
we did, we'd have to sit there and watch everybody's web activity to make 
sure no one ever did it again. This is so absurd I'm laughing so hard I can 
barely type."
I've had all the key words to jam Echelon on my website for yonks, along with a load of other subversive stuff, I've never used encryption or any other kind of security but still haven't been arrested and tortured by the powers of darkness, in fact the only grief I've ever suffered in 6 years of political activism has been from fellow activists that lost it. Good luck with it anyway, but I'd rather hear more about subvertising or trashing websites or viruses or stuff innit.
Information is a weapon-arm yourself, visit thoroughly disaproved of by most leading politicians

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