Re: ECHELON: Deaf Ears

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:49:18 -0700 (PDT)

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            Much of this is true. We have little
to fear from Echelon itself.
The other side of this is that NSA Echelon is in
bed with local & Nat. 
Law enforcement agencies, BB and a multitude of
'others'(ppl whom are rich &or powerful enough to
whom are better able to Abuse this 'big ear'
That is where a healthy dose of paranoia may save
What Our friend here neglects to mention how the
NSA is most happy to aid these orgs in their
quest to "cut down on crime" and gives them free
licence to spy on everything we do.

 Granted, crime needs to be curbed, there is N o
argument there. 
How it is accheived however sould be scrutinized
and approved by the Public as well as Gov. 

As it is, this method has gained very little in
the war against crime and caused much damage in
public harassment.
How? Why?
Since the use & implementation of left in the rather decidedly
INcapable hands of a select few, ("most of whom
are suffering from severe 'God' complexes,"doubt
this? read their profiles.")And these people can
decide who they want out of the picture,simply by
what they "overheard."
Oh yeah...thats good. NOT.
Most people are safe. Most will never have to
worry about waking up one day to find your life
has...changed. Or dissapeared entirely.
What is disturbing though is the bald fact...that
that decision is left up to the sole discretion
of the Orgs.
One can only hope they just dont step on the
wrong toes..or offend the wrong person.

You know the technology seen in Enemy of the
It exists. Has for a while.
What does NOT exist is the capable teams to use
it like that. Nor the funds.

 Yet, let one of us actually piss off the right
person....and find out differently.
No....I fear the only thing we SERiously have to
worry "Their" priorities.

(Im baaaack....;)

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