Re: Philadelphia Repression: What Can Be Done?

From Hal <>
Date Sun, 06 Aug 2000 17:16:11 -0700

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Good analysis, Stefan, but it begs for a solution that most activists
are not willing to provide it.  Many activists groups are still bound by
hubris.  There's simply no way they are going to relinquish *any*
control over the isolated kingdoms they perceive.

The police are perhaps the most willing and now beginning-to-be
"hactivists" because they are using *our* tools against us for their
brand of activism.  Not only do they control the mainstream press by
default, they are also intruding on our internet and cell-phone traffic
to know exactly what we plan.  Soon, the police will be the first to our
gatherings, getting there before we do.

The obvious solution to the press angle, of course, is to form a body of
qualified professionals to both help plan some actions for the most
effective PR boost, and to provide "legitimate" articles, leads and news
tips to the mainstream press.  Perhaps even pay them as professionals. 
Spoken from 25 years of experience, the newsroom is willing to be led by
*anyone*, not just the police, as long as it will get them to a
legitimate news story, preferably first.

Will that happen?  What do you think?

Personally, I think it has the chances of the proverbial snowball.


Will that be done?  

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