Re: borderhack! (mx-usa, sep 1-3)

From lsi <>
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 20:31:51 +0100

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This looks cool, where I work also has this issue of important 
documents needing translation.  Do we have a translator in the 
house, if so plase stand up.  babelfish is OK for casual use, but not 
really news releases/flyers/RFC's...


PS: I'll add to my list a program that forwards documents needing 
processing evenly among a group of email addresses.. like a hunt 
group on a PBX..

On 20 Jul 2000, at 19:07, fran ilich wrote:

> Countdown al Borderhack!
> por luis humberto rosales y fran ilich
> En 1997 en Europa durante un evento llamado "documenta x", surgió la
> idea de crear un festival que consistiera en un campamento donde
> activistas  y artistas manifestaran su descontento contra el trato a
> los migrantes "ilegales" en la frontera Alemania/Polonia. Este

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