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From jjf <>
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 08:48:23 +0100

[: hacktivism :]

I think Aimee has a point and Zoe certainly isn't the only one here who might listen to her words. It IS important to remember that many people do not know the basics of encryption and security, let alone hacking. While I'm not saying the list should turn into a FAQ for these things, getting a good explanation out on certain key topics (what is/how to use PGP) or at least pointing people in the right direction is surely a good and hacktivist thing to do. What is more, if we can do this for the people on the list, then we can also do it for those who aren't, i.e. in the form of a segment on the possible JED II website. 

Having had a quick look at what is available, I would say the most straightforward PGP FAQ is Tom McCune's at (or for a Spanish one see pointed out by somebody on the list earlier on). Obviously there are lots of FAQ's out there but there is little point in attempting to collecting them all, so one or two per language should suffice. Perhaps a user board/email list to refer to might also be good to find. An English user list is located at . As for where to get PGP, the answer is for those in the US and outside the US. For those who are groaning at the obviousness of this info, remind yourself that the most obvious things are sometimes those that take longest to sink in...

An idea: would it help to set up a temporary weblog (e.g. through for the JED II topic so as to better collect and order information by different category/subject? This way those who want nothing to do with JED on the list can opt out and a lot of information can be stored open-access without us having to worry about FTP passwords, who can modify what pages etc... 
This weblog could form the basis for a future web site. I would volunteer to set up a blog but I haven't got the time to manage it over the next few weeks :-/


> Hey Zoe,

> This is not meant to be too harsh (a bad way to start, but i
> hope you can take my aggrevation in some sort of positive
> way.) words re: encyption
> put me off a bit.  I don't know exactly who your audience is.  I
> think that you are actually replying to someone's question on this
> list.

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