Jam Echelon Day II (JEDII) - Organisation

From jjf <xdaydreamx@gmx.net>
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 01:18:07 +0100

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Hi Cate

> This is all really exciting....one thing, who's organizing?

No one really, yet. Or everybody. I guess the best thing to do would be to start with a basic framework for the page and an "original location" which would serve as the source for all mirrors, translations and modified copies. Since wiretapped.net have honoured us by offering to host it again this year their location would seem the obvious choice. What needs to be done now is some elegant writing and link collecting. There is some time yet until the first anniversary and, although this is obviously up for debate, the 21st of October 2000 as a date for a "focus day" would leave enough time to get a lot done.

> Just wondering
> because I'm sure I can provide at least translation into German, Spanish,
> French and (strangely enough) Swedish.

Nothing strange about that. Sweden has a sparkling history of hacking.

> Just wondering if we should set up
> a system where people can volunteer for certain aspects....

How about: first come, first do?


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