Jam Echelon Day II (JEDII) - The Day of Cryptography.

From Lorax <lorax@tao.ca>
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 04:55:21 +0000 (GMT)

[: hacktivism :]

I like much of what has been said in the last few posts about
JEDII, and would like to stress the thought that the only way 
to "Jam Echelon" is to Encrypt as much communication as possible.

If we start with everyone on the list and help them learn how
to use Cryptography to protect their privacy and secure their
human rights, and each of us tries to activly teach others how
to do the same, well, that will be some of the most effective
hacktivism ever seen. 

To me, hacktivism is about hackers (the technically aware)
getting together with activists (the socially aware) and 
facilitating communication, protecting the basic human right
to share ideas free from the oppression of state or corporation.

We have a lot of bright people on this list, lets start putting 
together a collection of url's and instructions for folks to use
to add strong cryptography to their daily communications.  

http://gnupg.org is Gnu Privacy Guard, an OpenPGP implementation.
http://freeswan.org is IPSEC and allows for strong VPN.

Lets try to keep to the non commerical, free, open source sort 
of tools, as they have the most powerful potential for growth,
use and enhancement.  


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