divas and goliath.

From Emma Oliver <Emma.Oliver@au.uu.net>
Date Thu, 6 Jul 2000 16:20:10 +1000

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micro$not baby, yeah!


  The Digital Divas were founded in 1997.  Through use and publication of that name, the group acquired trademark rights in the name, including the
    domain name digitaldivas.com where our website has been located since June 1998. The Digital Divas web site features a D'Zine where our members
	  offer articles, tutorials and advice about computer and Internet use and applications.

	    In April 2000, Microsoft launched a web site located at digitaldiva.com, promoting their own "Digital Diva" as their ambassador to the public. 
		  Ostensibly, this was to promote a kinder, gentler Microsoft in the face of their current anti-trust problems. This web site offers articles, "how to" tips,
		    and advice on computer and Internet use and applications. The Digital Divas had no idea this site was being launched, or that Microsoft had
			  appropriated their trademark rights.

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