FRENCH LAW : A corporate law regulates public individual expression

From jmm <>
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2000 20:56:15 +0200

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French Law on audiovisual communication must not regulate citizen's freedom of expression on  the

The revision of  1986's "Liberty of Communication" bill of law  will be voted on June 28th.

This law project defines the rights and dutys of audiovisual communications companies, and
include an internet chapter. The 43-6-4 sub-amendment, which has been proposed without public
debate, frames the citizens' freedom of expression on the internet, with a beforehands obligation of
Each citizen, willing to publish on the web, or to post in a mailing-list, a discussion's forum
or a newsgroup, will have to publish his surname, first name and address on his homepage, or to give
it to his provider.

Such a law, regulating public expression, must be debated on a wide and public range, especially
, as it is the case, when it goes against the actual rules and practices concerning citizen's
We ask the sub-amendment 43-6-4 to be withdrawn by the government and the examination of such
clauses to be postponed until the coming law relative to information society, which will be proposed
during the next fall  Parliament's session by M. Christian Pierret, french Minister of Industry.

We urge every citizen who feel concerned by the defense of civil liberties to join this appeal.

Please also note that France organized the 1st World Summit of Internet Regulators
-while  everybody  was  looking  at  the  Millenium  Round-, + the G8 on
cybercrime, and that France will soon take the presidency of the European Union...


Translation of the actual bill of law available on demand

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