From Lorenzo <>
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 18:01:01 +0100

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snap, looks like all the web pages publicised have been made by the 
same person. The arguments presented are either extremely naive 
vague and rhetorical.
I think it's either a spoof or some adventurous journalist trying to see 
how far you can stir things over the net.
Hope no-one falls for it...

PS this email was not sent on the discussion list 

On 16 Jun 00, at 12:21, New Jazz wrote:

> is it just me or are these emails making you paranoid too?
> i've been getting these on different lists now...
> they're incredibly vague and general, they almost sound like what
> someone making fun of the 'movement' would say when mocking us
> even some of the links to the webpages are just weird...
> no real information just a lot of rhetoric and cliches....
> i even tried removing myself from the list from different addresses
> and it won't let me! its says i'm getting the emails from other lists
> but i'm not on any other lists! is anyone else weirded out by this?
'untangling ourselves from the monocult'

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