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Date Tue, 30 May 2000 23:15:20 -0700

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we always referred to this as a TRUST HOUSE.  There is a definite and
growing  need for a third party to actually trust, rather than merchants and
marketers and economic driven people with unknown and alterior motives.

a trust house can guard and hold the data wharehouse of personal/private
information and be responsible for wipping it clean, or as suggested, never
tracking it at all.  owned and operated by the people for the people.

seems that ecological systems and sustainable communities should be a model
for this to work online too.  People once had this sense of trust in public
life and civic life and we should try and recapture that sense, rather than
recreate something totally new online as if humans never had it before.

I would enjoy seeing it be more than communication tools, and also economic
tools. why cant it sell all the same crap the other sites sell, but by
design, act more like community radio without commercial interruption???

all it takes is a webserver, some people chipping in, and some skillz to
keep it running.  isnt an example ??

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