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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 20:54:41 -0700 (PDT)

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No Need to apologise...Especially since no one
can clearly determine (and agree on) exactly what
a clear cut definition of Hacktivist/ism is.
By all are a group coming
together to share our ideas & a
group,we have more resorces And clout. 
We are a growing clan of electrons whom either
use our hacking talents in the interests of
select Activist capacities AND Activists whom
have certain Hacker qualities & use them ..for
their Activism/s. seems the term/s has grown to also
accomodate peoples whom have interests in & use
their 'cybervoices' via computers for the freedom
Visualize it as...ranging from the Elietist of
the eliet, using their best kunFu, to the granpa
in the basement hunched over his box, "hacking"
out comands on the keypad with one
finger,downloading info he wasnt supposed to see.

It was(is) a means to share ideas & Info to many
without having to send each 'post' as individual
email...just post it & everybody on the list gets
 The term has obviously grown as vast a spectrum
of "Hactivists" as the Net itself is. Infinite. 

For certain, it looks like you have the spirit of
the whole thing right.
Methinks Freenet is essential....It is the
obvious next evolution. 
I tried to act as a server, but we have such a
poor Cheezy isp. It kept going down. Usless.
Finding a better job than the one I have will
enable us to go DSL or shall be
C ya on the other side!

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