Re: Newbies (was re: fake emailers)

From david challender <>
Date Sat, 6 May 2000 11:51:05 +0100

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Was said 
>What I'm trying to find, is a good phonetapping program and a program
>that records all the keystrokes made on my computer. I joined this list
>after a frustrating time surfing around looking for these things. If
>someone would be so kind as to reccommend some good programs and tell me
>where best to try to find them, I promise I will never post to this list

Helps to say what OS your computer runs, what type of phone system.

You could try search engines.

Will not even mention the huge variety of phone systems.
Computer wise assume you run Winxxx (most 'Nixers would be happy writing
their own key logger).

Not difficult to find things either "legit" or on hacker type sites.
e.g. "legit, industry approved approach", for WinDoze users, M$ make a
product called "Spy", comes bundled with various of their development
CDs, this allows monitoring of much system activity including all
keyboard based messages (i.e. every key stroke). Also they make source
code available on some of their developer CDs - thus you can easily make
your own tailored version with more succinct data logging (you only want
the chars a user types not all the event message info).
As already mentioned, back orifice 2K is an alternative, open source to
anyone (not just developers registered with M$), similar to some of M$
sysadmin tools, criticised as a Hackers tool but only difference from
some "legit" products is:
Source code there to look at - unlike many "legit" sysadmin tools.
Generally better functionality.
Can modify it yourself to make it more secure/functional/whatever,
unlike "legit" products where you rely on them to give you a patch /
expensive upgrade.

(Someone said do not use BO2K as you can be hacked by others - not
really, depends how you configure it & like I said you can make your own
mods very happily to alter functionality if there are areas you are
concerned about).

But, to repeat others comments - just use search engines.

And, as Zoe said, be careful - I hope this is only to be used on your
own PC/phone, to do this monitoring elsewhere, without knowing what you
are doing, is stupid (& thats without mentioning the legal

david challender

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