Re: Fake E-mailers

From Robert Guerra <>
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 21:46:47 -0400

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At 1:28 AM -0700 2000/4/27, Tony Reed wrote:

>     I know this is a remedial question, but is there a really good fake
>email program for use with netscape? I remember one in the mid-nineties,
>but don't think I ever really checked it out. I haven't seen one around
>for awhile.

If you want to send messages anonymously there are several different ways.

Don't need to use a "fake" email program, but something that will 
route your message to one of the several "remailers" that exist for 
just such a purpose.

You may want to look at the web site, as well as 
my cryptography/security site (under the 
remailer section)

As well, there is a very nice new commercial program from Zero 
Knowledge Systems called "freedom" ( which will do 
this as well. It's very simple install and use.




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