Re: (Fwd) BBC Online: Gagging the Net in 3 Easy Steps

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 05:55:09 -0700 (PDT)

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Agreed 100%. 
However,methinks that the cry for "censorship" &
the whining & sueing over idiotic occurances , be
they falling into an undesirable website (?) or
the "spilling of coffie" 
(both of which I question the mindset of the
'injured party AS it is often the direct results
of the criers own negligent... stupidity)
 is NOT truly related to "decency" or
"protection"At All, but merely based solely on

 Seems these dayz that just about Everything
revolves on greed. 
It never fails to amaze me,that so many people
whom simply canNOt figure out how to set a clock
or program a VCR 
 can,Nay,DO figure out how to squeeze
,twist,manipulate the law & clog the courts,thus
driving up the costs & lawyers fees,etc, with
these inane petty lawsuits. sue the ISP's for what someone else
puts on their site?
That should be criminal.
To do such a thing must be (or could be,if the
tables were to be turned) 
some form of misrepresentation or misapropriation
of justice...the actual term eleudes me at this
moment...anyway..its just plain wrong.

I must be dense. They come up with things that
would Never occur to me. 
Like you, I prefer to be responsible for my own
actions & have a little freedom rather than be
known (publically too!how dumb is THAT!)
 as having such little presence of mind,to be so
simpleminded I must be protected from...myself.

SoSorry...there isnt enough money IN THE WORLD to
make me want that.
UK is biting off their noses to spite their
faces,(History teaches they are Notorious for
that) though they dont know it yet. This law will
not stand. And,as in many other cases, it will
eventually be recended.
I Hope.
The Worst empowering source for these chronic
whiners are the lawyers. Creatures of habit,they
ravenously devoure these "cases" & emphatically
cultivate them.
The UK is not alone in this disgusting behavior
It is the nature of the beast.

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