Re: [Fw: Building in Big Brother]

From noreply <>
Date 5 Apr 00 04:02:11 PDT

[: hacktivism :]

(sorry for my terrible english)
yep yep, they've always the same words: 
beware there are hackers, criminals, barbarians!!! we need more security!!
We are not asking for extraordinary powers, just MORE power, more controls

by the way, a lot of medias publish a type of disinformation with melted
infos: unconnected people, and low internet people trust hacktivists and
hackers are really bad people. 
And security agencies are increasing pressure to increase supervision and
security on internet...all to reassure investors
seems TFN2K attack was launched by agencies, just to manipulate public opinion
and to validate more security and more users'control.
And that works.


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