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Date 29 Mar 00 02:42:52 PST

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Lizzi <> wrote:
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> What is the problem with genetically altered
> seeds--the site that is recommended doesn't give
> any reasoning?  Also Monsanto appears to be the
> target of alot of slander...any paticular reason
> for that, or are they just 'bad' because they are
> willing to use modern technology?
hola grrrl, you seem very ingenuous.

don't you know that genetically altered seeds can,on the first hand, affect
wild plants, with mutations.
on the other hand, sterilized seeds (as monsanto produces) give monopoly
to biogenetics industries: take a look to lawsuit launched by Monsanto against
farmers in the USA (perhaps in Texas, or something), this power is very
Then in on hand you have a genetical danger: 
dissemination of genetically altered seeds in nature, 
and on the other hand: 
monopoly of the food industrys on world agriculture, and its consequences.
what is the best??

you can see more details on those sites::

- goods articles from 'Le Monde Diplomatique' -

- some press articles to buy -

and a last word, coming from a french article, and translated by babelfish
(automated translation, thus a terrible english)::

"With revolution of alive, in particular the technical possibility of the
human cloning, and the informational transfer blame the future even of the
species. It is only by taking them into account, but by also finding a
spiritual wisdom and policy which could be founded a new humanism. Or else,
the risk is great that the theses of the *posthumanity* do not lead to the
instrumentation and the merchandisation generalized of the individuals. "



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