Re: Cyber burglar steals 485,000 credit card numbers

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 22:47:15 -0800 (PST)

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Well Said,Lawrence. 

& it happens to coincide with (my own personal
concept of) Hactivism.... 

Hackers whom use their talents to bring about
change in something that is morally
 (& otherwise) wrong AND to Educate the Public of
this issue...

Then..of the Activists whom are adopting Hacker
methods & developing their own talents for 
the Web to bring about Change & Share
 the info...
and ALL are congregating. Group Mind?
Thats what it is all about,or Should be.
using the WWW,This furious exchange of ideas &
can save precious time & make the efforts SO much
more successful...
Especially when worked on in a Group effort. It
seems obvious..the entities we are battleing are
becoming increasingly nervous..
to the point of panic in some cases. (Many
'suspicous' claims of "Hacker attacks" are
blooming on the heels of our

This is good. It means we are effective. 
We are a real threat to their prevously exclusive
"All powerful,totally Invincible",

 Blind as a Bat delusions of grandure,club known
as BB & Gov. Until H'activists raised their heads
and made themselves known..these powerhouses had 

supreme rein..and weilded their limitless power
with often nasty results.How?..they were the
total Boss,answerable to no one. Now...they know
we are here... watching...acting.
& it upset their Supreme Being  notions. Plus!.we
caught the attention of JQ Public..(be it for
good or bad)...they know we are here..

In the cybertrenches...waging war for freedom &
to make BB & Gov mind their business a little
more carefully. Perhaps even clean it up a

The Lone Hacker certainly Can do some Damage &
the Lone Activist has also...but together....?
There IS strength in numbers.........

This is what we why not use it for the
benefit of all?

( Ancient Newz : the whole credit card story
sounds a wee bit Orchistrated , Sanctioned ,
Contrived to me...
where were the  oversensationalized News stories?
 No blaring Headlines blaming Hackers? 
Missed oppertunity!..Har!
Where were the arrests?(real OR immagined) Why
the secrecy?
When MONEY was involved?(implied)... Hmmmm
It's like the "week of the Ddos

********Lawerence wrote***********
other people contributed to this and many other 
similar defenses of
human rights, so one goal to ensure freedom is to

incrementally effect
commonly shared values among the populace "not to

accept" what they know
in their hearts is wrong and the courage to say 
it aloud with actions.
This has to happen even while being fully aware 
that the weight and the
heat of the opposing opinion group might befall 
you. If we as a society
do not let it be known what we want and don't 
want, we better be ready
to accept what we get. The price of accepting the

flow of unacceptable
societal influences can be demonstrated with many

examples, both current
and past, but for "western & eastern" european's,

the dynamics of europe
which led to WW2 is the most striking example of 
what can happen if we
as a whole do not embrace active societal 

Best Regards,

Lawrence  )))


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